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Get high-speed and reliable virtual cloud servers especially optimized for WordPress websites. Leave all your worries about installation, updation, and management to us.

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WordPress Cloud Hosting | MilesWeb India
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Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting Plans

Launch your website on the best WordPress cloud hosting server in a couple of minutes. As your managed WordPress cloud hosting provider we take care of the configuration and setup, so that you can focus on your driving your business to new heights.

Buy & Renew at same cost!
Save 10%
1 Years at
1 Year at
(Save 10%)
1 Month at
  • Host 1 Website
  • 15,000 Visits / Month
  • 20 GB SSD Disk Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free SSL & CDN
  • 1-Click Staging
  • Free Migration
  • Automated Daily Backups
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • 24x7 WordPress Support
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Buy & Renew at same cost!
Save 10%
1 Years at
1 Year at
(Save 10%)
1 Month at
  • Host 3 Websites
  • 50,000 Visits / Month
  • 40 GB SSD Disk Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free SSL & CDN
  • 1-Click Staging
  • Free Migration
  • Automated Daily Backups
  • 15 Email Accounts
  • 24x7 WordPress Support
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Buy & Renew at same cost!
Save 10%
1 Years at
1 Year at
(Save 10%)
1 Month at
  • Host 5 Websites
  • 100,000 Visits / Month
  • 60 GB SSD Disk Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free SSL & CDN
  • 1-Click Staging
  • Free Migration
  • Automated Daily Backups
  • 25 Email Accounts
  • 24x7 WordPress Support
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Compare WordPress Cloud Plans

Full features explained in detail

WP-Basic WP-Plus WP-Pro
Select Billing Cycle
1 Years
1 Year
Save 10%
1800 /mo
Save 10%
2700 /mo
Save 10%
3600 /mo
Host Domains 1 3 5
SSD Storage 20 GB 40 GB 60 GB
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Visits / Month 15,000 50,000 100,000
Sub-Domains 5 15 25
Email Accounts 5 15 25
Control Panel
FREE SSL Certificate
Automated Daily Backups
Cloudflare Railgun
HTTPS By Default
GZIP/Brotli Compression
SFTP Access
Shell Access
Dedicated IP
1-Click Staging
Site Cloning
Server-side Optimizations
White Label Branding
Replication & Load Balancing
CPU Cores 2 Core 3 Core 4 Core
Memory (RAM) 2 GB 4 GB 5 GB
24x7 WordPress Support
24x7 Ticket Support
24x7 Live Chat Support
Free Migration
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An Award-Winning Web Host

Get the high-quality and best web hosting at MilesWeb. We are always appreciated and awarded for Performance, Reliability, Security and Customer Service. Customers trust us because they believe that they are in safe hands with MilesWeb and that’s the reason we have earned these awards.

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Looking for an affordable WordPress hosting solution with all the great features?

LiteSpeed Web Server + LSCache for WordPress

LiteSpeed Web Server + LSCache for WordPress | MilesWeb India

Experience the Superior WordPress performance by deploying LScache for your WordPress website. LScache is high performance solution to cater high loads and sudden traffic spikes. LiteSpeed Web Server with inbuilt LSCACHE is an all-in-one WordPress acceleration solution and the only optimization plugin you need! You can easily achieve high page speed score using this combination.

WP Rocket
WP Super Cache
WP Fastest Cache
W3 Total Cache
WP Simple Cache
No Cache
Powerful LSCache for Dynamic Content | MilesWeb India
Powerful LSCache for Dynamic Content

PHP LSAPI is faster than PHP/FPM. Static files - 4X-6X faster than Apache. LSCache - 100X faster Game changer

Handle Tons of Concurrent Users | MilesWeb India
Handle Tons of Concurrent Users

Event driven architecture same as nginx. No rapid drop off above 100-200 concurrent users.

Triple Your Server Capacity, Reduce Hardware & Support Cost | MilesWeb India
Triple Your Server Capacity, Reduce Hardware & Support Cost

A Perfect Host For Your WordPress Website

Fully Managed WordPress

We're industry favorites for optimized WordPress hosting. We take care of the heavy lifting server management task so that you focus on growing your business. Our team of experts handles the technical stuff, WordPress updates, server optimization, tweaking PHP versions and monitoring.

Free WordPress Migration

Our in-house support team is available round the clock to execute the website migration task as per your convenient timing. We'll carefully migrate all your website data from your current host to our server - free of charge.

Built for Performance

For high-performance and faster page loading speed, managed WordPress hosting plans are set up on the cloud platform. We use latest Intel Xeon processors with SSD storage and hardware RAID for the cloud setup.

Why use LiteSpeed + LSCache ?
Why use LiteSpeed + LSCache | MilesWeb India
Server-Level Full Page Cache | MilesWeb India
Server-Level Full Page Cache

Ability to cache multiple versions of generated content based on user agent, geography, currency and more.

LSCACHE’s direct communication with LSWS allows to store static copies of dynamic web pages. This in turn helps for faster page retrieval than uncached content. You get powerful cache management tool and tag based smart purging of the cache. It also has the ability to cache multiple versions of user generated data like agent, geography, curreny and more.

Crawler | MilesWeb India

The Crawler is continuously active on website to refresh pages that have expired in the cache. With LScache, vistor is always served cached content and is smart enough to reduce resources consumption on the server.

Content Delivery Network Support | MilesWeb India
Content Delivery Network Support

LSCache facilitates the use of CDN for static content. You can use Cloudflare as a CDN for your static content which will not need any plugin for your WordPress website. Cloudflare will serve static content to visitors from locations that are geographically closer to them.

Private Cache | MilesWeb India
Private Cache

User specific pages can also be cached where content is restricted to that user only. Pages that has restrictions to cache publicly, can be cached privately. This will also include logged in users of a website.

CSS, JavaScript, or HTML Minification | MilesWeb India
CSS, JavaScript, or HTML Minification

LScache reduces the size of source code and removes all unnecessary whitespace characters, newline characters, and comments from CSS, JavaScript, or HTML code. You can configure it separately and enable only minification functions if you want.

Browser Cache Support | MilesWeb India
Browser Cache Support

LSCACHE eliminates the need of any browser cache plugin. It offers a simple setup without playing with configuration files. LSCWP edits .htaccess for you. It facilitates to store content locally on user’s device which is then pulled from device's local storage until the browser cache expires. Use of browser cache will speed up your WordPress website considering the images will be served from user’s device and not utilizing server resources.

Edge Side Includes (ESI) | MilesWeb India
Edge Side Includes (ESI)

LScache cache works on ESI technology i.e “punching holes” in pages which carry visitor specific information. The dynamic content is served from cache memory and visitor information is truly processed as Dynamic. When a next visitor comes to website, “holes are filled” with his/her information. Also, full per user pages are cached for repeating visits, and no “holes” are required for such user.

Lazy Load Images | MilesWeb India
Lazy Load Images

LSCache supports asynchronous loading of images and iframes. It displays only that media necessary to fill the current viewport. It gives alerts to mobile visitors regarding the cost of bandwidth. Remaining images and irames are displayed as and when needed.

Image and Database Optimization | MilesWeb India
Image and Database Optimization

LScache reduces size of your website’s images to improve page load times effectively. It also speeds up the database queries by making the WordPress database slim, trim, and as efficient as possible. No need of separate plugin for Image and Database optimization.

Superior Features at Unbeatable Prices

We promise to offer the most powerful and reliable WordPress cloud hosting plans. There are no hidden charges, no minimum contract periods and no data migration charges. Everything you need for running and managing a WordPress website is available
at just 1800

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Exclusive WordPress Hosting Features

Cloudflare Railgun

Railgun is a wide area network (WAN) optimization technology provided by Cloudflare to speed up the performance of non-cached web pages. Railgun ensures that the connection between your web hosting server and the Cloudflare CDN is as fast as possible.

HTTPS By Default

HTTPS is an important sign that indicates your website is secure or not. When hosted at MilesWeb don’t worry about the WordPress website security as all sites hosted at MilesWeb are automatically configured with HTTPS. We help secure traffic between your site and its visitors (plus boosting your SEO) with our HTTPS feature addition.

GZIP/Brotli Compression

Whether your site is small or big, it will surely run fast. We include gzip compression software in all our WordPress hosting plans for improving delivery time for sites of all sizes. Also, it reduces the amount of data sent from your server to the visitor’s browser and speeds up your WordPress website drastically. In addition, it also helps in reducing the server load.

SFTP Access

SFTP enables file transfer in a secure way between the networked hosts. The old, insecure, slow FTP is now simply a plain gross. So, we favor SFTP instead of FTP at MilesWeb, a new pace on the classic old file transfer. Also, you can manage remote file system by allowing applications to restart the interrupted file transfers, list remote directory content and delete remote files.


WP-CLI or WordPress Command Line Interface is a powerful toolset offered with our Managed WordPress Hosting. It helps in interacting with your site from the command line or even programmatically. We support WP-CLI as well as we include the advanced commands like wp-profile and wp-doctor.

Dedicated WordPress Support

Our support professionals are available 24/7 to help resolve your issues. You can contact our support team via email and chat. Additionally, we will also recommend the best practices for your site.

Daily Backups

Never lose your website’s data while you host your website at our server. Backup website files, folders, databases with our automatic daily cloud backups. Our cloud backup software tracks all the changes done on your website daily and enables you to recover all your website data instantly. We charge additional for website backup and restore service.


We offer integrated CDN service with WordPress Hosting. It helps to expand the reach and performance of your site to improve the experience of your visitors globally. Our CDN focuses on aspects like load time rather than time to the first byte. Additionally, CDN utilizes the gzip compression to reduce the data size, reduces your bandwidth cost, offers high-availability and enables fast page loads.


Create a complete copy of your WordPress site with all website files, database and settings with cloning. Our 1-click cloning tool helps you to create a copy of your WordPress site within a few seconds. You can clone your website while developing your website, testing a new theme, integrating a new plugin's functionality, or implementing any significant update on your site or migrating your site to other hosts.

Server-side Optimizations

Our specifically configured servers help to boost the performance of your WordPress sites. Web server caching, enabling gzip compression and setting cache headers also helps in reducing the server load per visitor.


Clearing your cache in WordPress is something that needs to be done regularly. Load times of any website can be reduced only when a website is cached properly. Our caching tool does this by discovering data that loads frequently and keeping it ready to go immediately as the website is requested.

Our Customers Us

Naveen Sharma - Customer Testimonial for MilesWeb India
Naveen Sharma
Proprietor, Himmanav

MilesWeb is an amazing team doing a fabulous job. I hope you continue the same. Every single time I got stuck with some issue, they helped me and showed me the right way of doing things. Such help means a wonder for a newbie. Thanks for your help, team MilesWeb. I'm really happy with your support staff and the offers, moreover, they try themselves to connect to you until the query you posted is resolved, and this is the best part.

Monish singh - Customer Testimonial for MilesWeb India
Monish Singh
Marketing Manager, Psyber Technologies

Amazing support staff. They will help you with your problem no matter what. MilesWeb's helpful chat will make it super easy to fix issues. I am very happy to work with the MilesWeb team, recommend anyone looking for an affordable and reliable hosting solution.

Girish Baraskar - Customer Testimonial for MilesWeb India
Girish Baraskar
MD, Agnis Designers

For the last 20 years, we are offering web designing and web hosting services in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, and have completed more than 1000 websites but we have never used an Indian Hosting company just because of support but the exception is MilesWeb. They provide 24x7 Support. 99.9% Uptime that's all we need.

Kuldeep Prajapati - Customer Testimonial for MilesWeb India
Kuldeep Prajapati
CEO, Genix Technology

It’s been 3 to 4 Years with MilesWeb now we are connected with them & have seen many improvements in the company and IT Company Owner I can suggest all people out there that you can TRUST MilesWeb for all your Hosting needs, and best thing is their Tech Support Team they are always ready to help you in any way you want.

Darshit Shah - Customer Testimonial for MilesWeb India
Darshit Shah
Founder, InvenTech Solution

I have hosted mine and my client's website with MilesWeb before 4 Years. I had a wonderful experience with the uptime and their support, all at a very affordable pricing. After hosting my website on MilesWeb Server, I have never thought to change the hosting provider. The best part of MilesWeb is that they provide 24/7 Support.


What is WordPress cloud hosting?

When you host a WordPress site on a cloud platform, it is referred to as WordPress cloud hosting. It is a powerful hosting service that makes your WordPress site run 10x faster due to the state-of-the-art cloud servers. At MilesWeb, we offer the best WordPress cloud hosting plans to power your WordPress websites. Our reliable virtual cloud servers are optimized especially to run WordPress sites efficiently.

Why Choose WordPress cloud?

Choosing a WordPress cloud platform for your WordPress site is highly beneficial. When you host websites on cloud-powered servers, uptime and reliability are top-notch. Since the cloud doesn’t depend on a single server but on an interconnected network of servers, your website’s data will always be available on these interconnected servers, even if one goes down your website will still be running you never have to worry about your website going offline. Also, in WordPress cloud hosting, servers are optimized to run WordPress websites better and 10xfaster.

How does Cloud hosting work?

Cloud hosting is one of the most powerful hosting types. It works through virtualization technology in which one physical server is split into multiple virtual machines called a cloud server. Then these servers connect to create a single network for hosting a website. In cloud hosting, resources such as CPU, RAM, and bandwidth are shared among multiple users. Hosting a website on the cloud is a good option for its redundancy. Even if there is a failure in one of the servers for any reason, the rest of the machines will keep servicing the websites.

Why is MilesWeb better for WordPress cloud hosting services?

MilesWeb is a leading and experienced web hosting provider. We are among the best WordPress cloud hosting providers in the industry. Our WordPress cloud platform is optimized and aims at boosting the performance of your WordPress site.
We incorporate the latest technologies on our cloud servers for a better and smooth hosting experience. You can leave all the worries about the installation, updation and management to us, as we offer fully managed service with 24x7 best-in-class support.
We make use of the LiteSpeed web server and LSCache for WordPress sites. Additionally, we offer top-class features with our WordPress cloud hosting plan such as SSL certificates, CDN, 1-click staging, free migrations, automatic daily backups, unlimited email accounts and more. Get started with our WordPress cloud hosting service! We have plans starting at just .1800/mo

When should you Choose WordPress cloud hosting Over WordPress hosting?

You should choose WordPress cloud hosting over WordPress hosting in the following scenarios:
● If your WordPress website loads slowly
● Optimizing the images on the site does not solve the problem of slowness.
● You are getting a higher level of traffic on your WordPress site
● You need enhanced speed and reliability
● Want to experience superior WordPress performance with the power of cloud

Is WordPress Cloud Hosting Reliable?

Yes, WordPress cloud hosting is a highly reliable option, if you are looking to speed up the performance of your WordPress website. There are the least chances of facing downtime when you are hosted on the cloud. In cloud hosting, since you have the resources coming from several servers, the loss of functioning of one server does not impact the entire system as a whole. WordPress cloud hosting means a 10x faster WordPress site, high uptime and top-speed performance.

Is WordPress cloud hosting cost-effective?

One of the biggest benefits of WordPress cloud hosting is cost-effectiveness. At MilesWeb, since the start, we have aimed to deliver reliable and affordable web hosting solutions. We have WordPress cloud hosting plans starting at ₹1800/mo, which is budget-friendly. As your requirements grow with increasing traffic, you can scale up your package anytime.

What is the Difference between WordPress hosting and WordPress Cloud hosting?

WordPress Hosting is, as the name implies, a form of web hosting that is specifically designed for the WordPress CMS (Content Management System). It provides resources that are optimized for the platform and is pre-configured to host a WordPress-powered website efficiently.
However, every website is built differently and requires a WordPress hosting platform that fits its requirements. WordPress hosting services that will be needed for blogging sites and the ones needed for eCommerce sites may not be the same.
WordPress cloud hosting is a subtype of WordPress hosting that uses several servers that are housed in a virtual environment rather than a single server. These servers are all connected to form an interconnected cluster that gets its resources from a single location. The idea is to spread the traffic that your website receives across numerous servers for superior performance. This type of hosting is generally recommended for high traffic to WordPress websites.
WordPress shared hosting allows multiple websites to share the same server and resources, making it suitable for projects with low traffic and few resources.
Individual website hosting space is limited, therefore one server typically hosts a wide range of websites. Because you are only renting a piece of the server space, WordPress shared hosting is the most cost-effective option.
You can easily upgrade to WordPress cloud hosting if your website's traffic starts to increase.

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